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The most popular and commonly used networking tool is Instagram. Itis one of the most used online forums for self marketing, content marketing, network developing, and also audience building tools for brands as well as individuals. On a monthly average there are more than 200 million active members who share more than 60million images and generating more than 1.6 billion likes in just a day. How awesome is this?


Get automatic likes and followers:


Getting likes and a huge fan club following you can make each one a celebrity. But how is that possible:


It is simple. Just follow these tips:


Dedicate a hashtag for everything you do:


1.Hash tagsare known to increase followers and automatic likes . Use them everywhere possible and get a huge fan club following you and liking all the images you post. Promote your hashtag in every event, online portal as much as possible. List it on your social media sites, emails, and all possible ways use it. Don't hope it will be found by people but you find ways so that people will find it.


Be creative: Be as much creative as possible when it comes to getting a hashtag for your brand or company. Use it wherever possible and try narrating your story through hashtags. But do not try to bore the audience you want to target. Mix fun into the hashtags to gain the attention of audiencebecome popular.


Indulge in popular conversations:Get involved in all massive conversations and use your hashtags to draw the attention of audience there.


Use long keywords which will help in tracking you in the group of people.Try raising open ended questions in the mind of the audience related to current issues.

Use a URL: Keep changing your profile bi weekly to draw attention.

This will create interest among your audience group. Use hashtags that will direct to your new profiles.


5.Be creative: Though a picture can speak a thousand words but it cannot totally take over the words. Be creative and descriptive in dealing with images. Speak out your mind and be artistic to express feelings. Yes, use hashtags to reveal your identity but be creative.

Unwanted tagged photos: Remove all your unnecessary and unwanted tagged photos from your profile. If you do not want to remove them at least hide them.

Like others pictures: Randomly like others pictures from the audience you wish to target. It is studied that for a person who liked 100 random pictures he has received anoverwhelming response of more than 6 followers per picture.


8.Organise contest: Hold a contest on Instagram. In order for people to participate in the contest just post a picture and ask the audience to like the picture. This will draw a huge fan club towards you.


9.Promote Instagram account: Try to promote your account to the maximum on all the social media websites. Tell people of your expectations as they follow you on Instagram.


10.Like others profile: To gain more audience towards you like other people's pictures and comment on them. This is the most natural way to draw audience.


11.Odd hours: Post pictures at odd hours like 2 am and 5 am. Several researchers have proved that this time is very effective in drawing crowd towards your post for likes and comments.


12.Quality beats quantity: edit, edit and re edit your profile to get the best out of it. No one wants the old content or would like to follow the old school of thought ideas. Revamp and re-edit to bring out the best quality in your profile.


13.Profile completion: Complete your profile. Don't spam. Use appropriate key words and hashtags. Make it interesting and new. Use words that will draw audience towards you.


14.Utilise Sundays: Sundays are generally free and use it wisely o pull audience. Post interesting stuff on a Sunday and see the response. You will get more visibility on such a day rather than any ordinary week day.


15.Be local: Use your location and local stuff to propagate your profile.


Be consistent, be active, and be creative.... You can definitely get a huge fan club following you with maximum likes and followers 

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